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About Roundtable

In real life meetings around Roundtable everyone can point and add their sketched idea on the presented material. Now we extend that experience for meetings with physical distancing, with many participants, or even with participants distributed around the world. Have engaging meetings with collaborative feedback using this distributed discussion surface!

Use in-person or in a video conference...
...or even as a support when talking over the phone. For natural feel, open Roundtable in a tablet to have a horizontal surface for work and keep vertical plane (workstation screen or direct view of your collaborators) for communication. Short of a tablet, it works on any web browser of course, be it a workstation or a mobile phone.

Allows everyone to contribute.
Need to point to something while explaining or asking question? Or to add a quick sketch, maybe even over existing picture, or in the corner of that PDF? Or maybe flip through back to the previous pdf page to add some text and scroll to that problematic point in code? Everyone can do it since we are all equal around the Roundtable, and we all see the same.

A magic surface aware of shared content.
Share on Roundtable files and they will come to life. Images open. PDF lets you flip through the pages. Source code comes completely highlighted. Even the Jupyter Notebooks will render. All this while you can still together flip and scroll through, annotating and commenting. Save files or annotated views simply. Much more than a file transfer and screen share! Need more space? Just press + to get another surface while keeping shared material opened on side!

Made for science. $\lim_{\rm{sci}^3\rightarrow + \infty}|\psi\rangle$
Text annotaitons support $\LaTeX$, be it between $...$ or $$...$$ or even \begin{...} ... \end{...}. Made a mistake in added text? Just double click on it while in pointer mode. Undo works just for your edits. Or if you want to start fresh, press on the sponge: it cleans the surface while keeping your hands dry & clean! Quickly save any view in a meaningfully timestamped filename.

Simple, secure and free.
There is no registration or installation. Everytime you will get a unique roundtable URL that acts as a secret place for your meeting. Server communication is via HTTPS, and it just acts as a relay for sent information (nothing is saved there). If you wish, you can use Roundtable with your own local relay server, to make sure bandwidth is available for you when needed and without file transfer share limits (contact me below for details about on-premise hosting).

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